Best All-Natural Products to Treat Hair Breakage and Loss

The average person sheds 50 to 100 strands a day as the hair undergoes its natural growth cycle. The number of strands lost could be higher at times, depending on their lifestyle and health or medical conditions.

Hair breakage and hair loss are often misused interchangeably. These two terms mean entirely different things and have varying signs and causes. 

Determining Hair Breakage and Its Causes

When hair is unusually dry, it is a clear sign of damage and a precursor to breakage. 

Hair breakage is one that can be taken literally – it is breakage that happens at a certain point on the hair shaft. The health of a person’s hair depends on an inner cuticle, one that has overlapping scales responsible for keeping the strands together. When the hair cuticles are damaged, one can expect dry, frizzy hair, and prone to breakage.

There are many causes of hair breakage. It could be one or several of various factors such as dry weather, low humidity, or too much heat or prolonged sun exposure. However, the most common causes of hair breakage are often because of one’s lifestyle choices. 

For one, there is heat styling. Using tools like a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron too frequently damages the hair cuticle from the extreme heat. It is essential to take breaks from these styling tools (or use ceramic versions or non-heat styling alternatives) to give the hair a reprieve.

Next, there is over-processing. Chemical treatments like perms, relaxers, professional straightening, and coloring all create the appearance of healthier hair, at least in the first month or so. But these treatments break down the hair cuticles and damages them, especially if these are done often.

Other significant causes of hair breakage include improper towel drying and combing (because the hair is more vulnerable when it is wet), using elastic hair ties, and lack of hair trims. 

Simple lifestyle adjustments (i.e. eating healthy, exercising regularly) and knowledge of proper hair care can help prevent hair breakage.

The Best Products for Hair Breakage

Laying off the heat styling, chemical treatments, and improper hair care practices are not enough to prevent further hair breakage or reverse the damage. One needs to nourish the hair to restore the dry, brittle, and weakened cuticles to their former health. And nourishment comes from using the best products available.

Our Hair Strength Shampoo and Hair Recovery Conditioner, available for men and women, are the all-natural and vegan solutions to hair breakage. Both products are suitable to use for all hair types and even for dyed or treated hair. They are free from sulfate, silicone, and parabens.

The shampoo gently cleanses the damaged scalp and hair, reducing their greasiness while nourishing them with essential vitamins. Its carefully curated and potent ingredients work to strengthen the hair and enhance its thickness and increase its overall volume.

The conditioner restores and protects the strands. It detangles the hair, controls frizz, and prevents split ends, while also boosting the hair’s elasticity and strength. 

Determining Hair Loss and Its Causes

Unlike hair breakage, hair loss (alopecia), which is also referred to as hair shedding or hair fall, occurs at the root. They can be easily identified by their clubbed roots and long length.

Hair loss, as previously stated, is normal and part of the hair’s growth cycle. However, if one experiences a significant amount of shedding with visible signs of hair thinning, bald spots, or split and frayed ends, an underlying issue needs to be addressed. Seeing a doctor can best help diagnose the cause of hair loss.

As an overview, there are many possible health conditions that can cause hair loss. The most prevalent for both men and women is hereditary male- or female-pattern baldness. It is likely for anyone to have this type of hair loss if there is a family history of baldness. This usually manifests as early as during puberty.

Other causes of hair loss involve a disruption in the hair’s growth cycle. Factors like the one below can trigger hair loss.

  1. Hormonal changes
    1. pregnancy
    2. childbirth
    3. discontinuing the use of birth control pills
    4. menopause
  2. Medical conditions
    1. thyroid disease
    2. alopecia areata
    3. scalp infections 
  3. Physical and emotional shocks
    1. trauma
    2. a death in the family
    3. extreme weight loss
    4. a high fever

Oftentimes, hair grows back on its own when the issue or condition is addressed or when specific medical treatments (those used for cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, heart problems) are stopped.

There are several treatment options for hair loss like medical procedures (i.e. lasers, hair transplant surgeries) and medications (i.e. minoxidil, finasteride). But these often come with hefty price tags and/or a few adverse side effects. It is best to weigh these options carefully with a doctor or dermatologist before deciding.

The Best Products for Hair Loss

Whether used in tandem with our shampoo and conditioner or used alone, the Hair Growth Serum is another all-natural and vegan product specifically formulated to treat hair loss. It blocks inhibitors like the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and other hormones and stimulates blood flow to supply vital nutrients to the scalp and hair.

The hair growth serum contains several active ingredients that work together to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair regrowth. With continued use, one will see increased hair density and improved hair strength within a few months’ time.

Like our shampoo and conditioner, the Hair Growth Serum comes in a variant for men and women. Even those with the most sensitive of scalps can use and benefit from its potent effects. It is also free from sulfate, silicones, and parabens. However, it is not intended for use for those who under the age of 18.


The Natural Hair Product Solutions

All our products are carefully curated and made with a team of science experts in our laboratory in Denmark. These are all designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth while generating healthier, fuller, and thicker-looking hair.

With our 150-day guarantee, one can reap these hair benefits and experience the all-natural difference.