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Hair Growth Serum

As it turns out, your regimen is missing a very important product, a serum for hair care that can help you with your hair problems much more efficiently than any other product could. As in the case of our skincare routine, where we dare not skip the serum, as it is brimful of ingredients that are powerful enough to give you results after only a few months

The Ultimate Guide To Hair Growth Serums

Hair loss or alopecia is something that leaves a devastating effect, not only on our appearance but it affects our confidence in the worst way possible. It can be due to any factor ranging from genetics to hair loss due to environmental, and physical aggressors. Presently, more and more people are getting affected by this problem that gets further aggravated by pollution, sun damage, chemical-based hair products and unhealthy hair care routines. In the US alone, around 7 million people suffer from some type of hair loss.

In today's day and age, there are myriads of products and formulations you can apply to get your hair volume and strength back. You reach for every product that has the potential to improve the hair loss situation. Devise hair care routines full of products that claim to get your head full of shiny, lustrous thick hair.

You might believe that you are doing everything right to protect your scalp from losing hair. you are using the right kind of shampoos, paired with the right conditioner. You apply a hair mask every weekend and take care to heat-protect your hair before you use and hair styling tool. But still, there might be something missing that you forgot to incorporate into your hair care regimen.

As it turns out, your regimen is missing a very important product, a serum for hair care that can help you with your hair problems much more efficiently than any other product could. As in the case of our skincare routine, where we dare not skip the serum, as it is brimful of ingredients that are powerful enough to give you results after only several applications, it is equally important to introduce a hair care serum into our hair care routines. These hair regrowth serums work similarly and can be used for several different issues pertaining to hair care. It is high time to add a very efficient, multitasking hair product to your already well-stocked hair care basket- Serum for hair care.

What Are Hair Serums?

Hair Growth Serum Application

Hair serums are often confused with hair oils and the concept cannot be any more wrong. Serum for hair care is a silicon-based formula that helps to deliver and coat the hair with ingredients present in it to impart shine, protection, and smoothness and to hydrate and control the frizziness of hair. Hair restores and hair growth serums can be used as both pre-treatment and finishing products in either dry or wet hair. And as with everything that is formulated keeping hair care in mind, these serums for hair care are also formulated for solving specific issues along with addressing the general look and health of the hair.

Some benefits of hair serum seen after consistent applications are: 

    • Makes hair shiny
    • Helps regrow the lost hair
    • Imparts smoothness to hair
    • Hair gets tangled
    • Controls frizzy hair
    • Protects from environmental aggressors
    • Repairs hair damage
    • Maintains the natural form of hair whether it’s straight hair or curly.

Why Are Serums So Important To Use?

Hair Growth Serum Production

Hair serums are getting popular in the hair care industry for all the right reasons. When we shampoo the cuticle is stripped away from the hair, leaving it unprotected and exposed to the environment. Even if we apply conditioner, the cuticle layer is not properly restored, hence the serum. This helps to add an extra layer of protection to your hair shaft.

What Are Hair Growth Serums?

Serum for Hair Growth

Hair loss is becoming a common condition nowadays. Whatever the cause, losing hair is not something anyone can ignore, be it males or females. The impending fear of a bald scalp makes you turn towards all kinds of ways to get your hair volume back. Some procedures are more invasive than others like hair transplant surgeries but not everyone can go through these intensive treatments. People who are looking for options that do not involve injecting products into their scalp or are afraid of the side effects that oral medication may cause, now have the best option available for all their issues. They can use hair density serums that contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to help with hair growth. These also work as hair growth serum for bald spots.

Hair growth serum-as the name suggests stimulates the hair production on the scalp and fills your head with new hair in no time. Normally, regular hair serums contain ingredients like minoxidil,  a chemical best known to treat blood pressure and stimulate hair growth, these serums help people looking for viable options to overcome this situation. Minoxidil is FDA approved drug available in topical and oral forms too, for use. But added in serum with the synergistic effect of other ingredients, the results are much better. It works by widening the blood vessels to allow more nutrients and oxygen to reach hair follicles. Some hair density serums contain DHT blockers which are hormones that tend to stop hair formation by shrinking hair follicles and making hair weak and brittle and not able to grow. The DHT blockers in the hair regrowth serum stop the hormone from relaying its effects to the hair follicle resulting in more, thicker hair on your scalp.

Although effective, these chemicals in the serum cause many adverse effects and are efficient for as long as they are being used. Their side effects sometimes trump the benefits these chemicals offer.  

How Does Hair Grow?

Hair follicles are like little pockets that hair shafts grow from. The root extends to your dermal skin layer from where it absorbs its nutrients and essential components like oxygen from the blood.

After the hair root is nourished, cells have created that aid in hair growth. Along with the line, hair is also nourished by sebaceous glands that coat and protect hair while it grows. As additional units of keratin, the building block of hair is added to the shaft, the hair gets pushed out and length increases making your hair grow longer.

Then how does hair stop growing? There are about 100,000 hair follicles that are on your scalp which is the same number you were born with. Throughout your life, the number of follicles stays the same as they don't regenerate or recede. However, as you age or due to any other factors that might affect hair growth, these follicles become dormant and enter the resting phase. Hence no hair growth is observed and hair starts to look thin and the volume decreases. This is where the hair serum for hair growth comes to our aid to help us restart the process of hair growth.

What Is The Best Hair Growth Serum?

Hair Growth Serum

It is very important to choose the best serum for hair growth and thickness for yourself with all the right ingredients and properties. Hair density serums must contain ingredients that not only stimulate hair growth but also improve the overall texture of the hair. Here at Scandinavian Biolabs, we present a 100% vegan, safe, all-natural and very effective solution to all your hair loss problems [3]. Our natural hair growth serum, which is the best hair growth serum for women as well as the best hair growth serum for men, is the first step in the 3-Step Hair Growth Routine, the best serum for hair growth and density for Men and Women functions as an elixir and helps restart the follicular cycle to encourage hair growth.

Our natural hair growth serums are infused with active components that are natural alternatives to minoxidil and DHT blockers other hair regrowth serums might contain. This way our products not only provide the same results as the hair growth serums that actually work, but protect the users from harmful effects that minoxidil and other chemicals present in regular hair regrowth serums might have.

The natural hair growth serum, due to its effective formulae and all-natural active ingredients ensures a reduction in hair loss while nourishing your scalp and providing it with all the necessary nutrition. In just 45 days this undoubtedly best serum for hair growth and thickness works its magic and reduces hair loss and by the 90th day, you can observe new hair growth with the full spectrum of its benefits quite visible in about 3 months of consistent use.

These results are seen in the majority of men and women; however, the efficiency of the hair density serum and the time it takes to work may vary in different people depending on their hair type and receptivity to the formulae. Some get to see the results right away while for others it may take time.

This natural hair growth serum is particularly beneficial for people from African American backgrounds as the growth serum provides their thick, tightly coiled, afro-textured hair with much-needed protection and nourishment. These men and women go through a lot of hair issues like hair loss and hair thinning as they treat their hair frequently with chemical heat and usually style them tight hairstyles like cornrows and braids. Going through all this, their hair needs some specialized hair care which can be easily provided by the application of this best serum for hair growth and thickness.

What Ingredients In The Hair Growth Serum Make It So Good?

There are several ingredients in our natural hair growth serum that not only provide the essential molecules to the scalp and hair that stimulates hair growth but also nourish the scalp with their all-natural goodness. Here are some star ingredients of our hair density serum:

Capilia Longa: This helps aid the regeneration and simulation of hair follicles that have become dormant and are in the resting phase of the hair cycle making it best hair regrowth serum.

Aloe Barbadensis: This ingredient provides moisture and rejuvenates the hair and scalp and should be added to every serum for hair care due to its moisturizing properties.

Niacinamide: This ingredient not only aids to overcome NADP deficiency, but which helps in shifting the hair cycle to its anabolic stage. It also works by providing the keratinocyte boost that helps in hair formation and growth.

Vanilla Butyl Ether: This ingredient revitalizes the scalp that helps to strengthen the hair, stimulates growth and conditions the hair, hence making it a perfect ingredient for hair thickening serum.

How To Use The Hair Growth Serum?

The hair regrowth serum is pretty straightforward to use. Here are the instructions:

  • With the help of a dropper, add 2-3 drops of this natural hair growth serum to your scalp.
  • Massage the hair density serum gently into your scalp until it gets absorbed
  • Rinse your hands
  • Leave the serum in your hair for at least 6-7 hours. There is no need to wash it out right away.
  • This vegan hair serum for hair growth must be applied consistently to see optimum results
  • It is advised to use the hair growth serum once daily
  • The serum is formulated for adults encountering hair loss problems; it must not be used on children.

After application, a slight tingling can be felt on the scalp. There is nothing to worry about as it is because of another ingredient: HotFlux, which is added as a heating agent to help stimulate the flow of blood in the scalp. After 2-3 applications, the tingling stops and you get comfortable with the added ingredients in this vegan hair serum for hair growth.

Before you start using this hair density serum consult your dermatologist if you have a skin condition. Or your doctors if you have a pre-existing condition or you are pregnant. Natural ingredients make it the best serum for hair growth and thickness and are quite safe to use.